Why deal with us?

(A lovely little message from Iceboxauto)

Well, that’s the million-dollar question and it can be easy to give you the sales pitch but let’s tell you a little about us.


We believe to be the pioneers when it comes to the OEM dash upgrade industry and started this way back in 2007 so getting on nearly 15 years selling OEM dash upgrades. Yes, Halfords may of started this off a little earlier but we are not talking about the universal market where you need fascia surrounds, patch leads, ISO adaptors, we are referring to our units looking factory fit, matching the dash and looking way better than the patched up dashes with several components so stick with us to see what can be done to bring your car into the 21st century.


It goes a hell of a long way to build up trust in a brand, this is what we have been doing over the past 14 years by providing a excellent personal experience, not only are we here for you for the duration of the warranty, we are also here beyond that. We prefer to help out best we can and past customers are known to call up for a chat or assistance way down the line. People tend to remember us years later and we are always happy to hear from you so feel free to drop in for a coffee sometime.


We are always getting calls and emails from peeps trying to haggle the price down as they “have seen the same item elsewhere for cheaper” which we believe to be China factories so this leads me to split this category into 2

a)    The industry works with 1 independent software designer who designs the graphical interface; this is then licensed to many factories that want to use it on there own products. Once the license has been obtained, the factories then build their own units with their own preferred internal components, some use higher robust parts, some use a hamster in a spinning wheel (if you know what I mean). Well this means, you don’t know what you are buying unless you are either a technical whizz kid or you can trust the person your buying from. A lot of sellers are scrupulous and prefer to get your money and to the hell with it! We are not like this, as we believe in offering the best service with best products with the hope that you come back in future and maybe spread the word to Nigel and Sandra next door.

b)    You will never find any cheap variants in our website as we believe in quality produce with a GOOD SHELF LIFE! You maybe able to find units cheaper than ours but ask yourself, why is it cheaper? Is it too good to be true? The answer is probably the build of unit. As a company, we prefer to deal in top-notch units with top-notch components to ensure the units are optimised for the best performance only and last longer than the average China factories response time when trying to seek assistance after they have your money!


We can tie this into the quality products section above as we offer our own 2-year company warranty, which is fully protected by EU legislation. For us to offer this, we have to have confidence in our produce and lasting 2 years and beyond, this is why we prefer not to sell cheaper variants of the product with less robust internals. A lot of sellers hide behind “Factory warranty” which is worthless after 6 months (once your credit card chargeback timeframe runs out), it can also be very costly to send items back to the factory. The “factory” is no doubt in China so this then means, your warranty is not governed within the EU and this will leave you in a little mess should any issues occur during warranty period. You deal with us, no one else!


We're not just a business, we are a community and want you to join us on our journey. Always expanding, our social media platforms are going great gunns! Not only do we post info on new releases, we also do monthly competitions on there and offer live chat. There are thousands of followers on our platforms who are there to give you their own unbiased opinions on products out there and chat if the need is there. Come over and join us on 




Finding a suitable item for your brum-brum can not only be arduous but can leave you with no hair and dinner medals down your top as you spend endless hours browsing your iPad. Does a unit do this? Does it do that? Well, why not call us with your questions; no question is silly to us. We are here to help you find the best unit for your car and will give you impartial advice on the best system for your needs. It does not matter if you buy a small item or a large one from us, we are not here to aggressively up-sell to you. We prefer the gentle ‘tucking-you-into-bed’ of a night approach and want you to get the best deal and best product so call us on 0151 334 2200 if you are stuck with anything or if just wish to talk footy with us. We support Liverpool btw!

Hopefully, we have given you a little indication of what we are about and we ask you to ask one question of yourself… Is saving a few pounds worth sleepless nights and having no peace of mind if you ever find yourself in a pickle with a duff system? If the answer is NO then you are in the right place!